Ravedge WW Monk PVP 250 Subscriber Minitage!!!

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the vid!! This was just a little something I threw together to say thank you for all your support. I will be throwing more PVP footage out there so be sure to check for more. Thanks for everything guys and I’m looking forward to see how this will continue to grow!!! -Ravedge

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5 Responses to “Ravedge WW Monk PVP 250 Subscriber Minitage!!!”

  1. Koronzon444 says:

    Keep up the good work mate, dont see many people making WW vids because you gota play them like a pro to do well, piss poor effort on blizz’ part.

  2. DEHPRECIOUZ says:

    wats that thing that tells ther health and the %

  3. RavedgeGaming says:

    Addon Called Health Percentages, couldn’t go without it 😀

  4. TheMakka250 says:

    This vid is so awesome! You really give all the Monks out there the willing to play! i just looked at youtube every day in the last week, to hope to find your videos! Your are the best!! it’s a shame that i’m not playing at US severs, because i would love to take a BG whit you! But, yea keep up the good work, cuz you’re doing it great! Peace Out Bro!!

  5. RavedgeGaming says:

    That change is NOT live till 5.1. I explained more in depth why I dont stack it as much right now in PVP, in a nutshell if the armor is leather or cloth you can use Blackout Kick, if mail or higher I use Spinning Fire Blossom. Alot of it comes down to globals. Spending 3 GCDs to stack armor ignore can be the difference of you living or dying. However after Patch I will be keeping Tiger Palm up cause I will only need to use it once. Be sure to check back after 5.1 is live for my update vid!! 😀

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