RBG – Gilneas vs The French 2k MMR

Made up of a lot of our core members we are slowly getting a team together and slowly getting our rating up …. this was the hardest game we played this night which was also the messiest in many ways. Gilneas was always my favorite map back in season 9 but things have changed a lot and it can get very close and very erratic, in some ways its really fun and in others it can be a little stressful. Anyway enjoy and dont forget to sub if you want to follow our progress. Cheers

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5 Responses to “RBG – Gilneas vs The French 2k MMR”

  1. Joar Eriksson says:

    Desti you are a boosted twat so get the fuck out or I will slit your throat.

  2. MrRandomting says:

    Destinite why did you and your Guild threaten to ddos me and my team when we asked were your gear was?

  3. JayAGames says:

    I really enjoy these RBG videos Sabel. You showing the tactics at the start is really helpful for a lot of people and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people here when I say thank you. Well apart from boosted players who weren’t even speaking to their team like @manston94 who pay £400 for their pixels.. Keep up the good work!

  4. christoffer1990ify says:

    chinkys carry so mutch :(… < im chinkys

  5. MaxyAUT says:

    Why aren’t people talking about tacs at the start of bg in your grp? oh ye bc they wintrade

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