Resto Druid PvP -Stayin Alive and Keepin ’em Alive – MOP

Feeling that Zen

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5 Responses to “Resto Druid PvP -Stayin Alive and Keepin ’em Alive – MOP”

  1. sh0ckit says:

    great video, i can’t wait to be back doing this!

  2. matt monedero says:

    awesome vid and some sick escapes there 😉

  3. sandirawow says:

    Great video, cant wait for the next one!

  4. RoaketheRogue says:


  5. nthnbnntt says:

    Wow looks like trees are doing much better now. I played as resto for like 3/4 of cata but decided to take a break because I felt very weak on both of my arena characters (also a demo lock). Are resto druids faring a lot better now in pvp?

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