[Sapstar]: Rogue pvp 90, Arenas/Battlegrounds

Level 90 Doing Arenas, and BGs. Trying both Sub and Mut. Going to do a Combat PVP video soon. There are “shit happens” mistakes made on some of these videos for arena, it’s good to see them and be aware what cc is happening and when switchng is better than tunneling. It’s about finding synergy after some games 😀

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2 Responses to “[Sapstar]: Rogue pvp 90, Arenas/Battlegrounds”

  1. EvilManPie says:

    nice one dude was thinking about coming back to wow havent played since release and my rogue is still 60 (max level at the time) is it worth picking him up or make another?

  2. adam azami says:

    If you plan on playing for fun I would. I really like playing a rogue. Right now, not a lot of teams are accepting rogues for serious comps since the damage ramps instead of having burst. Most comps expect rogue to be bursty. RMP is good, but gets easily countered by a lot of comps. Just have to play perfectly to get higher ratings. I like constant target switching so it fun.

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