Skeind: Arms Warrior Montage. See if I care about nerf Blizz! :D

WARNING! I want to point out that this video was made not as Crit video, it just shows what you can do on your warrior if you’ll count all your CDs. Here’s new Arms Warrior montage for you guys! I rally have a lot of fun doing these kinds of vids! Hope you’ll enjoy this one! :) Music by: Crown The Empire and Idle Satellites Thx Christian Reardon for letting me use your song! :)

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5 Responses to “Skeind: Arms Warrior Montage. See if I care about nerf Blizz! :D”

  1. SkeindWarrior says:

    Thx for the support! I really appreciate, and more than happy to entertain my audience :)

  2. SkeindWarrior says:

    My hands and state of mind are OP, not my class, lol, JK 😀
    Well, warriors got nerfed to the ground, BUT it’s still a lot of fun to play 😀

  3. KrohunGaming says:

    skeind, warriors still op though? xD

  4. SkeindWarrior says:

    Thanks man, I appreciate!

  5. deedeepi says:

    Good video man really did enjoyed it and subbed :D

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