Star Wars the Old Republic: Sith Gunslinger PvP 1- Void Star Ownage

Looking for a Guild on: The Harbinger Server A very well done Void Star match with random pugs!!! I am on my Sith Gunslinger…yes SITH(legacy edition) and I am having the most fun on him as well. Its almost like playing a hunter in World of Warcraft but to a different degree with less croud control, and longer cool downs. None the less it is an easy class to play for the most part, and I would recommend playing this class if you are just starting the game pve, or pvp wise. *Tip* Keep your dots up at all times to maximize dps and effects on the enemy as a gunslinger when in cover position. rate,comment, and subscribe for more pvp action as well as other videos on my channel Shady Gengar OUT!!!

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