Stunlocked podcast #2 with Vanguards,Dakkroth, Ciarz, Hotted and WildeHilde

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5 Responses to “Stunlocked podcast #2 with Vanguards,Dakkroth, Ciarz, Hotted and WildeHilde”

  1. last9emperor says:

    i didn’t know ron weasley play WOW

  2. Eddie Castillo says:

    I thought hotted would of looked like alllot more tanner skiny and with longer hair.

  3. poulsema says:

    So leave the channel.

  4. RonsoForEver says:

    oh vanguards youre so silly, boomkins are op and people havent realised that yet

  5. kanyu27 says:

    Ciarz used to be really black, but after years of staying in doors playing wow he is now pail.

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