Survey Results so far based on 5900 Responses and other…

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5 Responses to “Survey Results so far based on 5900 Responses and other…”

  1. YoujinbouGaming says:

    problem with mop is the burst and the healing its to much that the global cooldown is shit. example youll die in a global cd after your trinket cuz you couldnt take action (harder if you play double dps)

  2. antiflagdan says:

    Hey man, I have been watching a lot of your videos since I have discovered them a few weeks ago. I was tired of the state of rogues so I wanted something different. My DK just hit 90 yesterday and your videos have given me a ton of useful information. Can’t wait to get him geared up and play something different. I filled out your survey and subbed. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Deverax1337 says:

    I really hope that Blizzard does something about PvP.
    Seriously, getting shit on and blown up in 2-3 seconds is not fun at all…

    I really respect you Reinhart, about time somebody takes action to get Blizzard’s attention.

  4. TehSlice360 says:

    I quit WoW 2 days ago, but I’m still following this survey and this channel. I hope you can get a word into Blizzard, so they can fix their game. I will return the day that Frost Mage’s and Warrior’s are nerfed, and the day that a Rogue can kill a healer. Keep it up Reinhart!

  5. antiflagdan says:

    What do you think of the most recent blue posts by blizzard that are posted on mmo-champion? Steps in the right direction imo. They are addressing a lot of the issues instead of ignoring them now. What’s your opinion on their approach?

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