VLOG: DK Brethren unite, Russian Channel, Stream, Future videos

Thread is: us.battle.net Post it in suggestions other forums, make a ticket. Lets have us heard! Russian Channel: My Twitch: Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Follow me on Facebook:

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5 Responses to “VLOG: DK Brethren unite, Russian Channel, Stream, Future videos”

  1. pbtime78 says:

    three words . the battle of Kursk. look it up. Russians are awesome. also ty reinhart for sticking up for us dks we need alot of help.

  2. johndaly1998 says:

    Sweet! Exited for things to come!!

  3. mistman92 says:

    As ive played quite some UH myself and have been watching your videos alot i understand the viabillity of UH in RBG’s – But i still understand why some1 would want the Howling blast. Though i dont think i should tell you how things works cause im obviously watching these videos to improve myself by watching you. I think you have alot of valid points at the same time as i think its really cool you can still do so well with a class that is supposedly the weakest

  4. d. wicks says:

    least wanted class…windwalker monk

  5. nexroclan says:

    Gz on 14k!

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