**Please LIKE the video if you enjoyed!** FACEBOOK: Including an insight into my history with the game, my favourite clips and memories as well as the EPIC soundtrack from music4yourvids, MachinimaSound and the In game soundtrack, I bring you my Warhammer Online Ultimate Tribute Movie! This is possibly one of my all time favourite games, and it is sad to see it die how it has. EA have ruined this game with non-apparent funding for developers and complete denial of community feedback and discussion. But in this video, I focus on the positives, the memories I had playing the game, and collaborated some classic videos I have uploaded over the years as well as some unseen footage to bring you this movie. I spent a lot time, love and care into editing this to make it the best video I have ever uploaded, and I hope it shows and that you enjoy! Thanks for ll the support over the past 2 years! Music in this video: machinimasound.com

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5 Responses to “Warhammer Online: “THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE MOVIE””

  1. herban123 says:

    is the game dead now?

  2. stankerson says:

    I loved this game also :( melted faces with my WH :*( hiding in a bush for 15 min to kill one person leaving WC. Epic lols great game

  3. Crush6of6demons says:

    I will admit I almost had to cry at the first minutes! Too bad you didn´t make many videos in the old Dark Omen times. But still very nice video with awesome editing.

    About GW2: I’m currently in Red Guard, which means I’m on the same server as you. The queue times are not that bad anymore, and I would advise you to give GW2 another try. The SPvP is crap and not near as good as WAR. But I think the WvW is pretty awesome in this game aswell. I hope to see you soon and great job!


  4. Thor busch-petersen says:

    warhammer online was the reason i started watching you

  5. SigvardSteel says:

    I ones in I while go back to this game on my free too play account and rember good old times. But then start rembring things like EA and then get sad face.

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