WoW 5.0.4 Ret Paladin vs Warriors { Pre- MoP }

I fixed the audio bug on my videos, and I believe that I also fixed the black screen. Thank you all for watching, I hope you like it and there’s more coming out soon. Please leave in the comments below which class you want me to duel and if you want me to commentate over it, and give you the steps required to beat him in a DUEL. Thank you for watching. Yours truly -Cris1s

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5 Responses to “WoW 5.0.4 Ret Paladin vs Warriors { Pre- MoP }”

  1. Beltox13 says:

    It was rather enjoyable to see it from a Ret’s Perspective Cos I always feel overpowered by them when they pop CD’s and the healing is so nuts right now.

  2. Beltox13 says:

    Beat a Warrior without using Wings / trinket / guardian. And i’ll be impressed.

  3. HomieVidz says:

    Nice macro. Also, I like the way you kite. I usually do it so bad. They usually rush me, stun.. Etc. And I end up dieing. I suck at PvP anyways. More of a PvE..

  4. ReverseVideozFTW says:

    Paladins are pretty OP in this Pre-MoP Patch. Jesus.

  5. EcstasyProductionZ says:

    Will do, give me another day or so and it’ll be up. Thanks for the feed back, and I hope you enjoyed (:

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