WoW: Frost Mage 3v3 Arena, MLD vs. FDK, Mist. Monk, SPriest! Mage PvP Ep. 17

Here’s a long and intense 3v3 match of Mage, Resto Druid, Demo Lock against a Fdk, Mist. Monk, and a Shadow Priest we had while doing some 3s for fun with guild members. I’m sorry that this is my first video back after not uploading anything for over a week. Though if you saw my youtube post I made, I said that I was having problems with my Sony vegas since it had kept on crashing and not responding, making it impossible to edit. Though I luckily got it working again and managed to get this video out for you guys! Please Subscribe, Like, and Comment! Enjoy! MUSIC PERMISSION LICENCE: Songs: 1. Daenine – More Blast [Copyright Free] – 2. Royalty Free Music : Boltcutter – Dusk – 3. Dr. Ozi – Time Is Up [Copyright Free] – 4. Genesis Rising – Electrosphere [Copyright Free]

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3 Responses to “WoW: Frost Mage 3v3 Arena, MLD vs. FDK, Mist. Monk, SPriest! Mage PvP Ep. 17”

  1. iwGRxDiSTx808 says:

    can’t wait i know its gonna be good! 😀

  2. BSGentertainment says:

    Thanks for the feedback, I will do my best to get it fixed for next time. I definitely don’t want to give my viewers a headache! Thanks for watching and stick tuned for maybe a better video soon :).

  3. iwGRxDiSTx808 says:

    the video footage was fine, game play hey good job. You NEED to fix something and i’ll lay it out straight. Your voice is quite The Music is very loud and its very loud dub step….i have a head ache from dat bass

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