★ WhiteSword – Extreme Soloing

Vlogging about wow Extreme Soloing as a mage

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5 Responses to “★ WhiteSword – Extreme Soloing”

  1. Daniel Aspinwall says:

    p.s. there is a brawlers guild now if you like soloing

  2. iomithelegend says:

    Oi Tyrone shut ya gob m8 I’d destroy dat ass aye

  3. Msamichaelftw says:

    I think gunship you need 2 people, and Valithria Dreamwalker is impossible for mage.

  4. Brandon Olson says:

    I’m surprised he wasn’t like everyone have a fuckin nice day!

  5. Daniel Aspinwall says:

    Why are you clicking your spells :P?

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