★World of Warcraft- Dailies With WOWHOBBS! (gameplay/commentary)

This is a video of WoWhobbs and I just messing around and checking out the new dailies in World of Warcraft. WoWhobbs is a funny guy and we are both teaching each other great information on World of Warcraft. We are soon going to do some PVP, and maybe WoWhobbs will help me with some PVE? Who knows, stay tuned because soon we are going to do some pvp. Youtube.com/WoWHobbs

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5 Responses to “★World of Warcraft- Dailies With WOWHOBBS! (gameplay/commentary)”

  1. TheOpenChannel says:

    I reacted the same way to that cutscene. :)

  2. OculusGamer says:

    Lol thank you very much it means a lot!

  3. OculusGamer says:

    Lol thats funny, stay tuned for some more action!

  4. OculusGamer says:

    Thank you very much! Stay tuned, more videos will come (:

  5. DKSKYRO says:

    dude your boss i subbed

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