★World of Warcraft- WORLD PVP (Dara Mactire & World PvPs Finest VS Horde)

This is a video of me and the guild Dara Mactire and World PVP’s Finest vs the HORDE. This was some world PVP in Krasarang Wilds. Also in the video the 2 world of warcraft guilds conquer the horde and capture all the bases. This was a really great time and if you want to see some more Wolrd PVP in the game World of Warcraft, subscribe to my channel!

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5 Responses to “★World of Warcraft- WORLD PVP (Dara Mactire & World PvPs Finest VS Horde)”

  1. OculusGamer says:

    I wish everyone did world pvp!

  2. OculusGamer says:

    Oh man lol, it really is haha :D!

  3. OculusGamer says:

    Yeah, lol he eventually figured it out :b

  4. hsega eaweg says:

    you cant complete quests when in a raid grp 😛

  5. YseraFatbeard says:

    that looks like what Blizz wanted world pvp to look like! instead.. its lvl 90s destroying lvl 60s in Hellfire Peninsula…

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