♠ WoW Mists of Pandaria – MOP Hunter BIS Gear Guide – PvP

Dunners teaches you how to gear your Hunter for S12 PvP in MOP For more great pvp guides go to More Class Guides (Click Show More) Warlock – youtu.be Warlock – youtu.be Rogue – Resto Druid – youtu.be Mage – Warrior – youtu.be Death Knight – youtu.be Hunter – youtu.be…

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9 Responses to “♠ WoW Mists of Pandaria – MOP Hunter BIS Gear Guide – PvP”

  1. JedoadGaming says:


  2. TrashcatGaming says:

    Just a few productive tips (Meaning, not trying to be a jerk): Sounds a bit too low, and the video was spent a bit too long with you just flying on your mount. Just put like a small bg clip in there or something right there, and commentate over it or something to make the beginning a bit more entertaining. But otherwise good info in your video 😀

  3. Spirongaming says:


  4. Sam Dunning says:

    Try turning it to max, sound is a little low – Apologies!

  5. TheTonkens says:

    this sucked

  6. FludzOG says:

    There are no head enchants… This was pretty silly

  7. InYaFace546 says:

    no sound

  8. dunnersyo says:

    Hey guys, sorry the sound is a little low, try turning it to maximum to hear the commentary. The video was made before MoP – The CharDev at the time was not up to date on Hit and Expertise cap for level 90, instead of 5% they should both be at 3%. Thanks.

  9. Linooooos says:

    how he get the old lvl 80 headenchant?!

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