100 deathknights multiboxed in World of Warcraft

At the starting area for Death Knights, this is on the live realm of US-Kil’Jaeden with 100 Death Knights multiboxed using 10 computers and a high speed Internet connection. All accounts are owned by the player known as Prepared (me) would used to be known as the WoW 36 accounts boxer.

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  1. dynamitecandyman says:


  2. irepic69 says:

    i typed this with my penis

  3. Worgenftw says:

    Why’d you move over to Kil’Jaeden? You used to be on Aegwynn constantly.

  4. pogibija says:


  5. FrostiXD1gga says:

    whats the song. i think its a remix but stil..

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