5.0.4 PvP Unholy Death Knight

5.0.4 Unholy Death Knight Battegrounds Armory : us.battle.net us.battle.net Songs: World of Warcraft – A Call to Arms Invincible – mrvoletron remix

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20 Responses to “5.0.4 PvP Unholy Death Knight”

  1. xOGPREDETOR says:

    Good video i will subscribe and I would also like to now your glyphs and talents

  2. OmbreeTV says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t play frost, and I never played it ever since the Death Knight class came out. Maybe I will with MoP, but so far, I prefer unholy. Thanks for watching! :-)

  3. OmbreeTV says:

    I trinket it. If I don’t have trinket I start kitting with my chillbain talent.

  4. Afredor000 says:

    Its alwas nice to play unholy

  5. TheIdontknowman says:

    can we see some frost pvp?

  6. Phaymon46792 says:

    Finally a new video lol but man our ghouls are squishy as hell now

  7. Vanya Nikolaev says:

    what the songs in your Movie?

  8. OmbreeTV says:

    Hmm well I’ve been thinking about blood tap, I still have to test it on live. And about Deaths Advance, I really like chillbains because combined with unholy blight, it’s like a desecration.  Also, with chillbains, I use chains of ice as a very good situational spell instead of being part of my rotation which is very useful. Your opinion is good too, I will probably try blood tap again.

  9. Vanya Nikolaev says:

    Yeeeeeah! Finally!!!!

  10. OmbreeTV says:

    Follow the link to my armory in the description to see my MoP talents & glyphs. :)

  11. ShawnRollick says:

    well, for me the 6 second slow with chains is enough, especially since i am using it a ton more now because it gives 20 runic power now, and with the constant sudden doom procs, i always have more than enough blood tap charges

  12. dominikkingg says:

    Nice vid man keep up. But what do you do against a disarm ? i alway get 10 sec disarm and i can’t do anything with it.

  13. xOGPREDETOR says:

    1 more question why do you take glyph of enduring infection

  14. per Mattis fürst holtmann says:

    man, ur the boss

  15. OmbreeTV says:

    Because runes are a lot more rare now with the necro change, I wouldn’t want to spend a rune to reapply a disease every 8 seconds. Even when I start a fight, I only apply my disease using outbreak or unholy blight.

  16. ShawnRollick says:

    save your trinket for disarm, IBF stuns and lichborne fears. GG.

  17. luxoneal says:

    +1 :(

  18. BlanklyPvP says:

    Nice man! I feel like pocket healing some baddies tonight xD Want some on Blankly on Darkspear of course 😛

  19. meobeo1888 says:


  20. ShawnRollick says:

    blood tap is win btw ombree, macro it into necrotic strike, it has no GCD. and deaths advance.. 126% passive movement and cannot be slowed under 100% every 30 seconds.. an unkiteable unholy dk is win.

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