ASUS ROG at Battlenet World Championship Finals Teaser

ASUS ROG joined the World Championship Finals in Shanghai, China, where the world’s top eSports stars compete in the 2012 Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft tournament. Part 1 is the introduction, with part 2 due soon! All the computers at the BWC are powered by ASUS and ROG components! Join us at ROG Australia Facebook Subscribe to our Channel for more BWC Content as it becomes available, we have a further three videos for you! ASUS Twitter: ROG Theme with Wallpaper: Music by Permafrost:

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5 Responses to “ASUS ROG at Battlenet World Championship Finals Teaser”

  1. djayness says:

    lol it’s 4am in the morning :) Just finished part 1 so it’ll be uploaded in a few hours as my connection in Singapore is coming off the prepaid 3G on my phone. The things I do for you guys haha!

  2. kienanmamoun says:

    Can’t wait =D

  3. AsusROGAustralia says:

    I’m editing part one as we speak :)

  4. TheLikeMmo says:

    Then less chating more editing 😀

  5. AsusROGAustralia says:

    It’s up guys, part 1 of our trip is up and you can see it on the front page :)

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