Bajheera – EU 3v3 Arena as WLS! :D – Fun Games at 1700-1900 MMR, that’s like 3k on US Right? XD

Livestream Link – Got to do some really fun 3v3 Games as WLS on EU! 😀 Games kind of ranged in MMR, but I think it’s because I log on to EU when it’s super early in the morning for most of those guys :) Gonna try and log in on the earlier side for a bit today and get some more EU games in while it’s still relatively reasonable for the EU crowd :) Forgot to mention it in the video, but the Fury of Arms #8 video is also up on Warcraft Movies and it would be SAHWEEET if you guys would go and give it a 5/5 and a Comment on WCM to help it grow :) – Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching! 😀

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5 Responses to “Bajheera – EU 3v3 Arena as WLS! :D – Fun Games at 1700-1900 MMR, that’s like 3k on US Right? XD”

  1. obhave68 says:

    Hey Jackson, I was just wondering if you could make a newer addon video? I would like to see how you configure your Scrolling Battle Text Addon. I would like to see that!

  2. Killsumify says:

    Moar gym vlogs!!!

  3. Disastahhh says:

    Baj, your guild is run by a bunch of dickheads. For someone that seems really nice, your guild is full of assholes and elitists. You should probably work on that.

  4. Lazzuris says:

    Funny games 😀


    ROFL… riiiiiight. EU is full of wintraders/boosters, just sayin.

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