Bajheera – Fury of Arms #8: A Warrior’s Promise – Gungho Giveaway! :D

Gungho 50% + Free Shipping! 😀 – Warcraft Movies Link – FUUUUUUURRRRRYY BAJHEERA is back with another EPIC installment of Fury of Arms PvP, crushing noobs on the battlefield and standing up for his Warrior brethren against the atrocities committed against them by the EVIL BLIZZZZZZZZZZZARRD. Really had a lot of fun with this video and I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it :) I know it was a long wait, but I worked hard on it and I hope it payed off! 😀 Thank you all so much for watching and for your continued support, really means the world to me and it’s important for you to know that :) Also be sure to Like/Comment/Subscribe for your chance to win a 12-Pack of Gungho and a sick Gungho Ninja shirt! 😀 Definitely excited and appreciative about Gungho giving me the opportunity to hook you guys up! 😀 You’ve always been the absolute best support in the world and I’m really excited about being able to give back to you this way now! 😀 *MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO* Intro Music – “Pandora: Architect of Hope” by The Autumn Descent Gungho Giveaway Announcement Music- “Rocky Song Remixed” by Ronald Jenkees Video Music by Hollowcall 1. BELLUA – 2. I Don’t Think They Know (Because Walls Can’t Speak) –

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5 Responses to “Bajheera – Fury of Arms #8: A Warrior’s Promise – Gungho Giveaway! :D”

  1. skeeter1605 says:

    Get shit on!

  2. Ownedwithbarret says:

    Great video Baj!

  3. Benjamin Jelstrup says:

    Haha very entertaining :)

  4. guitarfreak993 says:

    Best one yet man.

  5. DoctaLuuv says:

    Brilliant, everything about this video had me smiling xD Bajboss!!

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