Battlenet World Championship Shanghai Part 3 with ASUS ROG

The Battlenet World Championship in Shanghai Part 3 has arrived and you’re starting to realise, I filmed a lot of content at the BWC! Part 3 features the global final of Starcraft II between Creator and PartinG which was incredibly close, in fact it came down to the very last game and what a game that was. World of Warcraft Global finals footage is on the way in our Part 4 video and I have a bonus video for you guys as well so hit that like button! Xzetube (Shaun O’Connor): Mercader: Blackmill Music: ROG Australia Facebook: ASUS Twitter: ROG Theme with Wallpaper:

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5 Responses to “Battlenet World Championship Shanghai Part 3 with ASUS ROG”

  1. Geraldo Gabriel says:


  2. TaeFace93 says:


  3. hydrolis says:

    Awesome video Dan. It was great to meet you, Shaun, and Mercader in Shanghai! Big thanks to ASUS ROG for allowing me to have the experience of visiting the BWC and China.

  4. constantpwn17 says:

    Ermerger, dis song.

  5. 0banon says:

    Does australia get games when they buy amd cards? or is that just for the states? 

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