Bes & Miditacia – Sylvanas Crying

My “last goodbye” to World Of Warcraft and 6 years hardcore gaming. It was awesome! The parts from official Blizzard trailers “Lament of the Highborne” and “The Wrathgate” were used for this video. / Bes / Download MP3 –

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5 Responses to “Bes & Miditacia – Sylvanas Crying”

  1. Shkreych says:

    What you smoking dude,its 2012

  2. Yurek Esenin says:


  3. Sem Hamblok says:

    lol who hasn’t stopped playing wow since mop came out must ‘ve been an idiot, that expansion ruined everything wow stands for, medieval and magic fantasy, the only good thing it did was the new talent system

  4. TehBANN3D says:

    but it’s still 2012! :O

  5. AGRcactus says:

    I never thought this would come true.

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