Big Crits – World of Warcraft Reality Show – S5 Ep. 7 Raiders Block

In the final week of only having MSV open, our raiders find moderate success and progress to 3/6H. But our early week celebrations quickly turn to frustration and tension while pushing other hardmodes. With Heart of Fear only a week away, were we able to keep the momentum from last week? Find out by watching! How is your progression on MSV going? Did you find some bosses harder than others? Let us know in the comments! You too can rock it like a Celebrity…Download our theme song, “Celebrity” by All Night Dynamite! —————————————————————————————————- Catch all the action on our website: Interested in applying to the raid team? http Like us on facebook: Follow us on twitter: Follow us on – Check out our tumblr –

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5 Responses to “Big Crits – World of Warcraft Reality Show – S5 Ep. 7 Raiders Block”

  1. TherecDaMage says:

    As the guild evolves so does the show and the people in the show. Grive, Bessley and Stoney have all moved on with their lives. There’s more serious episodes b/c Big Crits is pushing progression much harder than it ever did in WotLK or even Cataclysm. However, there will always be fans that prefer the old seasons to the new ones, and that is fine as well. As long as our guild is raiding, our raiders are submitting videos, and our editor is putting them together, there will be a show.

  2. objectionablechione says:

    I’m still around, just not raiding in WoW. I’m playing SWTOR for some reason. I don’t even.


  3. CrashLethalWoW says:

    Guys, if you want to just keep up with current progression, check out their website. They have all normals cleared with high US and world rankings. They have most of Heroic MSV cleared with the exception of Heroic Will. Even if the episodes are not on time for current content, at least they still work to put it out. They can just stop whenever they want to. Even if it doesn’t meet your needs for a good video, it’s still a video from Big Crits, which that in itself, is good. lol

  4. nynetjunkie says:

    I don’t think it matters if the particular raid(s) covered in the current episode is ‘relevant content’.
    I’m not going to use this as research on raid mechanics.
    I _do_ like in-game content to be covered in the episode but I’m more interested in seeing how the guild evolves over time and how interpersonal accomplishments and conflicts unfold/resolve.

  5. TherecDaMage says:

    Putting them out later would make them even less relevant. Currently we’re about 1 month behind. Our editor is working hard to get the next few episodes asap so that we can be “almost” caught up in a few weeks. Now that the server moves and access issues are resolved there should not be a further delay

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