Blizz Confirms, Asians Better at WoW!

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5 Responses to “Blizz Confirms, Asians Better at WoW!”

  1. Sarrow112 says:

    HELL NO the scotish are better at WoW asians are better at starcraft though… too soon?

  2. thejpshow15 says:

    either Kaz or BT for sure both hold great memories for me i remember all me and my old friends running through them like they wasn’t even there most of the time

  3. jerkbeast81 says:

    I quit because the game became to easy…..So I guess I gotta learn a new language to enjoy the game again? I’m to stupid for all that!

  4. BenMJay says:

    I quit playing wow over 2 years ago but I still watch Panzer videos. Guild Wars 2 is excellent

  5. Nahzix says:

    Please get someone to dye wigs like you dye your hair, I would buy three.

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