Blizz-like Vanilla 60 Servers

How to play: (the one Im playing on) Download the game, make an account and start playing. If you have any problems look them up on the site. Other Private servers: (I dont play on this server atm) These are faster to level on. x12 and x14 leveling speeds and one Instant 60 Server.

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5 Responses to “Blizz-like Vanilla 60 Servers”

  1. Famous0uncez says:

    I’ve been playing on this server since launch, on August 25th, not even 4 months yet and there are already nearly 1,000 players on each side. I love it so glad it has been seen by you and your viewers =]

  2. Morytana says:

    there are private servers for tbc and wrath

  3. Revered Ryan says:

    emerald dream is a blizz server i like its got 1x rate 16x rate and instant 60s

  4. xXGraccusXx says:

    I cant join :/

  5. Vanishesss says:

    How do I find the wrath servers?

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