Blizzard News – August 22

Diablo’s effort to keep people interested grows into some unique systems, Mega Bloks and World of Warcraft team up, the European WoW Invitational took place last weekend, the WoW NA Invitational taking place this weekend, and Gamescom shows their Cosplay in this weeks Blizzard News. For all your Curse AddOns check it at: WoW ESL Coverage Visit Gamescom Blizz Cosplay Winner: Gamescom Blizz Cosplay Video: WoW Mega Bloks:

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20 Responses to “Blizzard News – August 22”

  1. herotaylor says:

    I jack off to her every time they release a new video.

  2. iTzDannyHD says:

    @cyrprsb for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there and dude! ive been playing this game all week its worth a look =>

  3. gklcgr says:

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  4. Mason Parker says:

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  5. WatUpKPB says:

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  8. skuterixas91 says:

    she also has a hidden bonus penis

  9. Thomas Rogers says:

    I am naked.

    Also, nice comment battle here.

  10. TesGon says:

    She’s so Into news you know…=)

  11. Kurt Thomas says:

    oh by the way this isn’t a porn channel. This is a gaming channel, wrong place bud.

  12. inkfly says:

    You are the Seseme St. of broadcast journalism. I mean, seriously…who did you have to blow to get your job?

  13. antcaprarica says:

    well she’s professional aswell

  14. cig753 says:

    pico purposely talks with an annoying pitch because she likes it when people talk dirty to her.

  15. MrCaptainInternet says:

    peeling her dress? Dude she’s not an orange to peel

  16. Kuba Pyrka says:

    I said Pico is cute, not beautiful. Everyone has his own meaning of beautiful so stop being a jerk.

  17. seashepherd1000 says:

    @apvcjgt yeah yeah we all know that! btw! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while ==>

  18. BareAdam5 says:

    say argos again please

  19. komasdfg says:

    i watch the video just because of her.

  20. eleszar1 says:

    wana bang her Doggystyle

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