BTM : WoW News – Patch 5.1 Edition! (November 27th, 2012)

I really tried making it a proper video, but I’m not feeling well. Sorry :( MMO News: Blondie: Patch 5.1: Mike Morhaim Interview: Background music: Chipper Doodle V2 by Kevin Macleod

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5 Responses to “BTM : WoW News – Patch 5.1 Edition! (November 27th, 2012)”

  1. omfgblondie says:

    Thanks :)

  2. domehammer says:

    brawlers guild but I am never gonna get to do it…

  3. Dokilante says:

    I play Monk,and I am one happy monk xD

  4. Gulliedoutbigup says:

    im looking forward to actually logging on and being able to play it, but ive got a problem where im stuck on the launcher and its not loading a damn thing.

  5. Danish Loladin says:

    what happend to your face since you decided not to show it 😛

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