Cleavage Fury Mode – The One Shot Wonder (Dedication To Bajheera)

Finally Returned To WoW Still A Bit Rusty In Some Aspects But Back In The Mood And Hunting Me Some Rats To ‘Get Shit On’. Thank You Bajheera You Inspired Me To Return To WoW And I’m Enjoying Every Moment Of It. Don’t Forget To Like, Favourite, Comment And Subscribe

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5 Responses to “Cleavage Fury Mode – The One Shot Wonder (Dedication To Bajheera)”

  1. CleavageGaming says:

    I Hit did 400k in 1 global to someone outside of a BG, so that would be without the berserker buff just so you know. Warriors are not the most OP at the moment we took one of the biggest nerfs along with mages and rshammys in 5.1. Even though it wasn’t positive thanks for the feedback anyway :)

  2. venkataram4810 says:

    leet skill ….NOT

  3. CleavageGaming says:

    For people who are giving negative feedback about fps / quality just put it onto 1080P and watch, works fine for me :)

  4. hotshotscott918 says:

    OP is flaming because he can’t beat warriors, L2play or reroll…

  5. 13attman says:

    very nice video! the only advice i can give is to make it fullscreen and find your own editing skills. this looks very much like a bajheera video.

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