Climbing the Ladder with Zambador in MoP PvP

– 33% discount to watch instructional guides from the best players on earth! Like us on Facebook: This video is meant for entertainment purposes. Please show Zambador your support by subscribing to us, him and rating this video! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy! About Zambador: “Hey, I’m Zambador, my friends know me as TREVORDANIELEUGENEFLOYDWAGGNORKEMPTON, I attend Film school in LA 12 hours a day 6 days a week. I hope to become a great director one day! I play wow because 3v3 makes you think fast, and I’m all about using my brain to overcome. I have 2400+ exp with all Warrior comps thinkable and 2600 experience in Season 9. Pet of choice = Westfall Chicken Mount of Choice = Magic Rooster Campfire = Must. Music: Dj Ephixa – Turret Error, Nemz — random remix of one of his songs, then last song was Nemz, song name: Again and Again. Thank you for watching!

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5 Responses to “Climbing the Ladder with Zambador in MoP PvP”

  1. akseli224 says:

    LOL every1s so mad xD

  2. hejaxel says:

    For real?

  3. suidas84 says:

    wow, this is terrible… little keyboard warriors trash talking. If you happen to read comments before you watch videos, save yourself 7 mins and go watch something else. Unsubbing if these are what skill-capped content has become.

  4. KaedeHot says:

    Douchebag skill capped to 2000 😀

  5. Niiiwaa says:

    OH WAUW you can pop cds! SKEELZ, gtfo :b this isn’t Skillcapped material

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