Diary(a) of a Dungeon: Stratholme [WoW]

+Like to help spread the infection! :) Dungeons can be so fun :O) Messin’ around with friends in Stratholme. The game is World of Warcraft. Boo: MLC St3alth: Videos you may have missed: Sticks and Stones: Black Ops 2 Pahhtyy Game! Hitman Absolution: Terminus Hotel Catastrophe [Mission 3 – P1] Connect with me!

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5 Responses to “Diary(a) of a Dungeon: Stratholme [WoW]”

  1. zcsman7878 says:

    Fail need on those gauntlets.. those are for hunters lol

  2. pumpkinbot says:

    Say, Jerma, your WoW stream where you kept getting ganked kind of inspired me to make a warlock, even though I tried one in Cata and hated the old Soul Shard mechanic. How are they now? Should I make one? I didn’t like Aff’s playstyle of “spam all your DoTs on every enemy you see”, Demo’s complete reliance on your demon, and Destro felt too quick and complex. How’s the rotations for the specs now?

    And what do I do when I get the QUEST?

  3. J atch says:


  4. scrombat says:

    Did you get the QUEST?

  5. zcsman7878 says:

    More WoW! 😀

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