Dota 2 Funny Moments – Plus Dota 2 Key Giveaways

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5 Responses to “Dota 2 Funny Moments – Plus Dota 2 Key Giveaways”

  1. Petter Carlsson says:

    I would love a key!!!

  2. zagor688 says:

    hope I win, and hope you do alot more vids :)

  3. direct4life says:

    I would really like a key, I have been subscribed to you since 38 subs :)

  4. Kevin Ng says:

    LOL…dota is great…dota2 is iffy
    infact their graphics are very random…some patches get super laggy and some patches its back to normal…
    a note to take is that the number of dota2 noobs are beyond godlike so get ready to be flamed by the “pros” who have been playing for YEARS in dota1…i personally played for 6 years and the gap is tremendous for each generation of players

  5. metalabg97 says:

    what’s so funny

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