Druid PvP – KITING LIKE A CHAMP! Funny PvP in WoW MoP

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5 Responses to “Druid PvP – KITING LIKE A CHAMP! Funny PvP in WoW MoP”

  1. anomalyswtor says:

    quality video, i dont mind waiting if THIS is the shit im going to watch. the amount of good shit u see in this 3 minutes is insane, ive watched it already multiple times…good shit again man. take your time and do more of this, no rush.

  2. MrFarmerJosh says:

    that was one of the most clutch games I’ve seen in MoP. Seriously good play dude

  3. rdpeach says:

    I think I heard him fapping when he was in the start area

  4. bmchgg says:


  5. yogospinmyhead says:

    lol 5k health u had

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