Eatmopie Does some Brewmaster Monk Tanking Because I Felt Like it

Thumbs up for my computer not exploding when I forgot to turn off the Ultra setting… 😀 Hey All Just a quick heroic ( I felt like tanking )and some really sexy music to add to a playlist. I am still in the very early stages of learning to edit with wow model viewer so don’t be to hard on me.. Also don’t forget to like,Subscribe,and leave me some comments about my proposal at the end of the vid… If you made it that far haha. If you didn’t make it that far would you be interested in some kind of pvp event were we all get together and do something fun.. I can’t say what because it would depend on the turn out but I’m open to suggestions, Also I am not able to Live stream right now, once I get my computer fixed shortly after the holidays, I am pretty sure that will be a real thing. Thanks, Eatmopie Check out my FB: The New Improved TGN: Http And Please support the Amazing Artists that Allow us to Use their music: Artists and Tracks in order of appearance: Artist Sites: Artist/Song: MitiS – Endeavors Download: ——————————————– Artist Sites: Artist/Song: MusicHSx – Crushing Download: ——————————————— Artist Sites: Artist/Song: UrpleActus – Alive Download: …

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5 Responses to “Eatmopie Does some Brewmaster Monk Tanking Because I Felt Like it”

  1. evilakurei says:

    I don’t know anything about emerald dream but BH horde is pretty fun and there are always gank squads running around world pvping pretty much everywhere there are quests lol. If you reroll Mike I’ll lvl a horde with you in my free time, I can’t justify another faction change server transfer. 😀

  2. michaelblaze says:

    Apparently emerald dream (rppvp) had mass world pvp. Heard from several several people there’s alot of 50 vs 50s going on a lot in pvp zones. But I may go BH and just RAF a UD monk. I cant bring myself to play any other class but monk lol

  3. xdragonzx says:

    I am so glad I found this channel =D. It’s some of the most entertaining videos for me to watch cuz he still feels humble to his audience. Anywhosit I’d like to do some big pvp event I think it would be fun.

  4. michaelblaze says:

    I been debating on making a monk on horde side in emerald dream or BH

  5. evilakurei says:

    Well I am very seriously considering making one of my monks horde again…. I may wait till after the holidays though.

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