Ephixa Games – Minecraft + WOW – Just a bunch of dudes on the internet. NEW MUSIC

When I’m not making bass drops I’m doing things or stuff. Tweet me: twitter.com Reblog me NEW Music soundcloud.com 2nd Channel: Livestream: (Going live when I get 10mbps upload) I’ll respond and follow back if you can make me laugh. All the music in this video was produced by me. Mariohop – Ephixa Warcraft – Ephixa Lost Woods (NO U LISTEN vip) – Ephixa UNNAMED TRACK (WIP) – Ephixa People in this video Conformist Police Monstercat Design Sarum Swifty Daxiongmao Going Quantum Stephen Walking RNGDTF

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5 Responses to “Ephixa Games – Minecraft + WOW – Just a bunch of dudes on the internet. NEW MUSIC”

  1. shadowdweller1000 says:

    plur is greater than yolo <3

  2. SvenskMinecraftia says:

    if you are making a mix soon could you record it with a camera or something? keep it up :)

  3. Cormy1Live says:

    Dat music.

  4. kwanvincent8 says:

    Almost all music producers I know of, play Minecraft.

  5. Kapteinkoose says:

    World pvp = multiple 90’s ganking low levels

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