Farewell to World of Warcraft patch 1.13 – 3.2

Well it’s somewhat ironic that I am leaving the game so soon after bitching about not being able to play. But I am really upset by the way Blizzard is handling the game. Every 72 days since release Blizzard has been repackaging old content and calling it “new”content. Not only is patch 3.2 a shit stain attempt to keep the game alive, but it is murdering the only thing left in the game I enjoyed, which was the 2s arena bracket. So even though I have 3 level 80s, both horde and alliance, I cannot continue to pay for a game that considers itself something to be enjoyed. Goodbye World of Warcraft, I will miss you. Songs are: Dj Lizard – 180 Dj Lizard – Normal

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5 Responses to “Farewell to World of Warcraft patch 1.13 – 3.2”

  1. Paperclown says:

    dude it used to take a month of constant playing to get from 1-60.. the majority of people in molten core were raiding in dungeon set blues.

  2. toKs1c says:

    Yeah so what, if you pvp you don’t use your flying mount at all.

  3. 2ShotProductions says:

    Haven’t you been unable to afford WoW lately anyways?

  4. BeeGreeen says:

    in patch 3.2, regular flying mounts will increese speed by 150%

  5. TheDeathofGrace says:

    What do you mean it took forever to level. wasnt it the same xp needed today to get to 60?

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