Farming Honor by Doing Dungeons – Best Way to Farm Honor? – MoP WoW

` We were kinda bored at 6 AM so we farmed some Honor = ] ` Not Subscribed? What are you waiting for? Facebook: Twitter: Livestream: ——————————————————————————————–

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5 Responses to “Farming Honor by Doing Dungeons – Best Way to Farm Honor? – MoP WoW”

  1. radioschizo says:

    This man is correct. Girlfriend told me she got 1000 honor in a little over an hour earlier today.

  2. BattlePL says:

    at the moment every bg and dungeon are flooded with bots, 10man wsg was with 7 bots on my side, almost every rdf party is full of bots, even healers, blizzard doesn’t give a fuck about that, there are dozens of threads, what I do is getting a party of my guild, we farm rdfs very fast and get a lot of honor by this way

  3. Seklowtf2 says:

    Description- ‘We were kinda bored at 6 A.M. so we farmed some Honor = ] `…….. you were bored…. and you farmed honour…….. makes sense >.>

  4. evil8675309 says:

    One 6 minute dungeon still generates more Honor. And its less effort gathering 5 people.

  5. SerioeserAaron says:

    This is by far NOT the fastest way. The three new rare mobs drop an item that gives you 250-275 honor and it has a 100% dropchance. They all spawn within 40-60 minutes after their death. I never did PvP and got 6000 honor in 2 days so don’t waste your time in dungeons!

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