For those who wanted DK… (And random stuff about my channel)

Ok, in a nutshell, because I know I’m really easily distracted, and over-elaborate on things Dk’s not all that fun (I don’t care if its good) I miss being able to kite around desecration, and trading burst for uptime while still having some passive control. —- Post idea’s you have for future video’s, (trying to keep in mind that I really prefer to represent wow in an, atleast somewhat, balanced way) But please don’t ask for classes/spec’s ect. I’ll play whatever looks fun to me.

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5 Responses to “For those who wanted DK… (And random stuff about my channel)”

  1. Mrezeme says:

    More rbgs please!

  2. DkHaku says:

    I’d like to see DK vids in the style of your first Warrior vids. Where you went into detail about stuff like pointing out when enemies are out of position and mistakes that are made by both teams and/or individual players and explained exactly how you were able to get the kill. I know it can be seen in the vid but its still helpful and can teach people who don’t know about this stuff.

  3. DkHaku says:

    I miss Desecration too.

  4. darkmatter411 says:

    @e8reis1 it is not insane at all however tht been said that doean’t mean there bad there dmg is fine just everythin elae sucks were sgill as survivable as a banana

  5. SoundsoulTheEnclave says:

    You could do some Ranked play-i’d duo with you :)

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