Frost Mage One Shot Macro – Patch 5.0.4 PvP World of Warcraft by Cartoonz

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20 Responses to “Frost Mage One Shot Macro – Patch 5.0.4 PvP World of Warcraft by Cartoonz”

  1. TrilithonXylioth says:

    When will they EVER be able to “fix” frost mages? It’s getting really old and stupid how OP they are all the damn time.

  2. Jodeman5000 says:

    Check the description, It’s Project 46 – Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen)

  3. mariogamecrazy says:

    I’m glad my main is a mage cause blizzard never nerfs mages :)

  4. frestylezz says:

    Well, they HAD to make frost viable in PvE, see what happened.

  5. squibb07 says:

    Nevermind, i got it xD lol

  6. ProfesorRagequitlife says:

    2:51 Oh shit i talked with lulmode on the mop ptr, hes a huge dick in reality…..

  7. SwissCyberwolf says:

    this is
    “Reasons feat. Andrew Allen” from “Project 46″

  8. squibb07 says:

    Whats the song at 4:43

  9. SwissCyberwolf says:

    öhm the trinket isn´t always ready O.o

  10. ITSIRare says:


  11. ThatGuy4127 says:

    Well look on the bright side with more people doing this, it will come to Blizzards attention faster so they can “fix” it.

  12. homicidalafroduck says:

    Why do you have 4 trinkets on your bottom left bar?

  13. RuenzGaming says:

    cartoonz!….ive already done this i knew about this on the 28th!…im even past this!…it take me two hits!!>>>(TWO)….with out the use of anything your doing!…sorry bud!>..thats old.

  14. RagmanWantsKFC says:

    Probably not. 

  15. berendesb says:

    nobody is going to believe you cause you dont have proof and your being a tool douche!

  16. kuku196 says:

    hey blizzard if your watching this , fuck you and i think most of you guys think the same.

  17. RomireVids says:

    Once again cartoonz finds a way to make mages OP again

  18. l3mm1w1nk5 says:

    Maybe that’s why Cartoonz said he’s a really nice guy lol

  19. xXxEqSxXx says:

    Reflecting <3

  20. vXxB2kxXv says:

    Mhmm. And people complain about fire mages

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