GAME FACE: FFXIV alpha footage, WoW 8 yr anniversary, and Discussion: f2p vs sub models

1. FFXIV alpha: 2. WoW 8 years: Discussion: f2p versus sub models in MMORPGs. Twitter: Facebook: TwitchTV Stream: Vlog channel: Game Face #10

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5 Responses to “GAME FACE: FFXIV alpha footage, WoW 8 yr anniversary, and Discussion: f2p vs sub models”

  1. Zetler says:

    So Pokket only liked the Priest in TERA. Shocking. Because we know how much she hates playing healers…

  2. socomice says:

    Wow You are so pretty

  3. SirFaceBreaker says:

    Not sure if this counts as a free trail but they usually give the first month free when you buy the game. And if any of your friends get the game, they put a ‘Buddy Pass’ in with the game too, and that’s another 30 day trail too. I get the frustration with subscription fees but I personally like MMOs with subscriptions instead of micro-transactions/pay-to-win stuff. FFXIV is planning on releasing an open beta too so you’ll be able to make you own character and test it out 😀

  4. torr071 says:

    i honestly loved the freemium model eq2 extended had. i say that title because they have chsnged it since, and many have fled because of it. i play eq1 now and contribute funds as usual, but their model doesnt allow unlockers for bank and gear so it’s biding me time until i find the game i like. gw2 was a bug disappointment no more b2p for me.

  5. eihnxanderstorm says:

    i dont want to look like a fan boy but when you have a great game like gw2 fully free and supported by the development team, its hard to see a P2P game being successful.

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