Gold Making On A New Server With No 90 or Gold! Vendor Supply Run – [Project Fresh Start] Ep. 01

Follow and watch me play live @ I’ll be live streaming my leveling and gold making progress every night at my twitch tv page and running things with you guys! So be sure to check it out! BE ON TONIGHT AT 12 AM CST. Please subscribe to my channel! Like myself on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Feel free to check out itskalypso! @ ———————————————————————————————————————— Real ID: Mabus#1103 – Add me for BG’s, Dungeons, Leveling, and Raids! Gold Progress: 25 Gold Leveling Progress: Level 6 This is Episode 01 of Project Fresh Start, where I begin on a new server, with a new character, with no main, heirlooms, gold, achievements, nothing, and show you guys my journey to 90 and beyond, starting with how to make gold in World of Warcraft when you are new to the game or new to the server / starting new characters, and then ultimately becoming the overpowered hunter class we are, let’s face it the world needs more hunters! In this episode I have made my bank alt, which is your level 1 character that sits in the capital city performing all auction house related things! Which is how you will make the bulk of your first gold when you haven’t begun leveling yet. I cover the first steps to gold making on a new server with a new character, and run you through my vendor supply run of Stormwind, which netted me 25 gold on a level 1 character …

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5 Responses to “Gold Making On A New Server With No 90 or Gold! Vendor Supply Run – [Project Fresh Start] Ep. 01”

  1. Funnirl says:

    Cheers bro

  2. Qzxable says:

    looking forward to next episode 😀

  3. mikiberane says:

    Yea okaj , fair enough mate .. but still ! …

  4. Gamediver65 says:


  5. FinSuperior says:

    will you do cross server leveling or just on darkspear (either way i would like to level with you)

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