Greatest WoW Battle Pet Ever

Question about my UI? The pet is Kun-Lai Runt: I love his sounds and they’re so over the top, loud, and constant. I expect it will have its sounds nerfed soon so I wanted to save this for ever. 😀 (LiteCast is coming when YouTube quits being belligerent.)

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5 Responses to “Greatest WoW Battle Pet Ever”

  1. Joakim Larsson says:

    lol a loud one

  2. goclockworkriot says:

    Knew I forgot something in the More Info. Edited in. :)

  3. GamersaurusPwn says:

    Question, how did you get your WIM to look like that?

  4. Alonso Aguiar says:

    What addons do u use

  5. goclockworkriot says:


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