Handie 1 – World of Warcraft: MoP Warrior PvP Montage

For more WoW videos, make sure to subscribe to my new channel: ________________________________________________________ Hey everyone!! :) I haven’t done an edit in some time now ’cause this is what I’ve been spending my time doing. I don’t really feel like editing CS:S or anything atm. But about the video! This is not a video based on uber sick skills, it’s kinda a test edit. Wanted to try editing in WoW, so that’s what I did. Wanted to throw in some arena matches too, but didn’t really got to record it, as I forgot all about it. Also, please don’t dislike the video because you don’t really like the game at all, it’s my personal choice and I enjoy playing this game. For those of you who already play the game or know if quite well, I hope you enjoy watching this video! ^^ Again, don’t blame me for hunting down lowbies or anything, it’s a TEST edit ^^ Hope you enjoy!! Songs used in this clip: Crown the Empire – Breaking Point Crown the Empire – Memories of a Broken Heart The artist! ~ sTM

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5 Responses to “Handie 1 – World of Warcraft: MoP Warrior PvP Montage”

  1. Kethawkcss says:

    Fuck det nice!:D
    – Har du pvp wep?

  2. FyreloreTV says:

    All that slaughtering at the end, awesome!

  3. sTr1Me262 says:

    Imorgen buddy, imorgen :p

  4. sTr1Me262 says:

    Go to my WoW channel, there’s a link there :)

    Nothing inpressive atm, as I’ve just been “fucking around” but I’ll get to it :)

  5. sTr1Me262 says:

    Thanks man!

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