Hidden Island in MoP World of Warcraft – Gate of the Setting Sun

No longer possible as of 5.1

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5 Responses to “Hidden Island in MoP World of Warcraft – Gate of the Setting Sun”

  1. TheHeroicHebrews says:

    as shunt says you can no longer do this glitch because you cant use bottled tornado in instances therefore my zul gurub exploit video doesnt work either tho i just uploaded a new vid (not howto) in hyjal summit (shunt has done it too but he doesnt have the same footage goto my channel and leave a comment like and sub and i will make a video of how to do it :) )

  2. holysnipe says:

    oh yeah im retarded you told me that already :(

  3. Blaze90i says:

    So bad they fixed the trinket

  4. TheHeroicHebrews says:

    this does not look like the emerald dream ive actually been on a private server with the beta looks of the emerald dream and it does not look like this BUT still its an awesome island and a great vid 😀

  5. whuzzzup says:

    Nice work!

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