How to sign up to World of Warcraft games with Game4Glory (Teamspeak)

Hi Guys, Here’s a tutorial on how to get signed up for World of Warcraft games with Game4Glory. Some people have been having difficulties and so we put this together for you to make things a little easier 😉 Remember to check out to sign up for these games and more Our facebook page: Our new forum: Please leave your comments below as we really want to hear your feedback. Thanks everyone!

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5 Responses to “How to sign up to World of Warcraft games with Game4Glory (Teamspeak)”

  1. gameforglorychannel says:

    lol, check out the video “what is game4glory”! if that still doesn’t answer your question we’ll give you your two sentences that you asked for 😉 SnC

  2. d4rks33k3rz says:


  3. Gizmoriderful says:

    too long didnt watch. wtf is supposed to happen if log onto that website, what is game4glory pls answer with 2 sentences.

  4. gameforglorychannel says:

    G4G has its own rating system. We will provide more info on this soon but you can already get some info on our help section on the website. You will be able to sign up your teams for G4G’s BGs in the future…Initially we will be kicking off with WoW KotH games..HS

  5. Lukas Weiss says:

    Are you playing high rated rbg?

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