How WoW PvP Is REALLY Balanced

for funzies

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5 Responses to “How WoW PvP Is REALLY Balanced”

  1. NubieGTAS says:

    deep freeze bad LOL frost bomb nerfed hahaha

  2. Traphixx says:

    some people just cant read.

  3. Tarikuslol says:


  4. Traphixx says:

    spellsteal is shit.. ring of frost got nerfed, deep freeze is now the worst stun in the game if used as cc. And Frost Bomb got nerfed, making glyph of fire blast mandatory. Also Warlock demon soul can’t be dispelled anymore. Please keep your noob to yourself.

  5. zysis says:

    LOL@the people saying mages aren’t that good. Clearly they have never played anything but mage.

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