Insanejames Merry Christmas Guardian Cub Giveaway : World of Warcraft ( WOW )

Hello Everyone. Happy Holidays. Insanejames from Insane Pain Game here with a Great Christmas Gift to anyone who leaves a comment below. Win the GUARDIAN CUB companion in this video. Please leave your World of Warcraft characters name, server and if your Horde or Alliance in a comment below. Good Luck : ) Subscribe if you would like to take advantage of the Great Gifts we will be giving away in the new year. On Christmas Day Dec 25th, 2012, I Insanejames lvl 90 Hunter from the Blackrock server will give away a Guardian Cub companion. On Christmas afternoon I will make a lvl 1 character on your server and mail you the Guardian Cub companion. Same pet from the . In the new World of Warcraft expansion you can put WOW companions in cages. When you put a WOW companion in a cage it then becomes an item in your bags. You then can trade it to another player or sell in the auction house. Many players still dont know this can be done in World of Warcraft. So I Insanejames 3 yr Guild Leader of the Insane Pain Game Guild WILL PROMISE YOU, THE WINNER, A GUARDIAN CUB FOR CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! INSANE PAIN GAME! From Insanejames Proof of Ridiculous amount of companions Follow us on Twitter or Facebook us at Also MultiBoxng Team Tobi is having another contest where you can win an AZURE WHELPLING. That draw is currently running and will be given away Dec 15th. So please hurry and do the same. Take advantage of the free …

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5 Responses to “Insanejames Merry Christmas Guardian Cub Giveaway : World of Warcraft ( WOW )”

  1. cosrev says:

    Tehsatan – Blackrock- Horde

  2. thoopes1 says:

    kvltihated - Mal’ganis Horde

  3. vwfreak0 says:

    Mooredeth, Vashj

  4. xVTrain says:

    Bomberang - Blackrock – Horde

  5. CorpInsane says:



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