Interviews, Pet Battle Addons, Spikes Game Awards

WoW December 5th Hotfixes…. WoW Developer Interviews! Daily Blink! LOL MMORPG Feedback Form! WoW Brawlers Guild Guide! MMO-Champions Preview on some Pet Battle Addons Star Wars: The Old Republic Free to Play Changes Spike TV Shortcut to Spike TV Video Game Awards Categories! IGN Judgement Day – Vote for their Game of the Year!

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5 Responses to “Interviews, Pet Battle Addons, Spikes Game Awards”

  1. PressFartToContinue1 says:

    Glad I was able to finally find this. Took a moment.

  2. 3ns999 says:

    Completely off topic but Tirinei’s eyes are absolutely mesmerizing! Keep up the great work, your videos are awesome! :)

  3. Phusius Heron says:

    I bought MoP on black friday and all the other games for around $30… I now own a level almost 82 panda monk… fml I knew I shoulda stayed away from this game lol.  im loving it though. 😛

  4. Phusius Heron says:

    also yeah I have like 200 game son backlog to play… damn steam sales… I know what you mean…

  5. AllSystemsNominal says:

    That feedback form reminds me so much of the current The Guild season story line.

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