Is World of Warcraft Finally Done? Expressing “MY” Opinion.

Hey guys, so the video will explain more in detail about my thoughts on this matter, but i honestly don’t think the game can offer anything more to keep my interest, therfore i will most likely not be playing this game much and will focus on other games such as MINECRAFT, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, and any other game i feel is awesome. Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to “Is World of Warcraft Finally Done? Expressing “MY” Opinion.”

  1. sam johnson says:

    I’m pretty new to wow bout 6 months but isn’t half the fun of the game questing or am I missing the point after you get to the top levels

  2. fenikzart says:

    As you said you’re new, imagine doing the same thing for eight years :D, questing is quite fun but when you quest you have a goal, to level up? when you’re max level “90” it’s pretty pointless questing, but even then, you do the same quests pretty much every single day as “dailies” so yeah it becomes extremely boring at 90, leveling is still quite fun but even that gets boring after a while.

  3. Satori86 says:

    If you would like a tip for another game my tip is Guild Wars 2. The PVP is really good. You don’t seen any cast bars from your opponents and you’ll have to see what is actually happening to play good. 95% of the “spells” can be cast while running so there is a lot of speed in it as well.

  4. fenikzart says:

    Thank you for the feedback :)

  5. fenikzart says:

    Thanks :)

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