Krohun Arena’s : Retri and Windwalker 3

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4 Responses to “Krohun Arena’s : Retri and Windwalker 3”

  1. Anthetics RaW says:

    Quite like the song, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to promote yourself on livestreams (twitch) people really hate it and will mostly just come on, disslike your video and leave :/

  2. KrohunGaming says:

    the same goes for pretty much anywhere you post links to a youtube channel, so you kinda just have to ignore the dislike part of the like bar and just try and get your stuff infront of as many people as you can, just to try and find the people that do like your stuff

  3. KrohunGaming says:

    too true, but its also 2’s so its just for fun xD

  4. steamfry123 says:

    dat 1400 lol.

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